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Project Spotlights

As part of our commitment to expanding the impact of the Rothman Index, the Society conducts stand-alone research projects that focus on a specific area of challenge facing health systems. In order to help orient our members to our larger research endeavors, we regularly spotlight key research projects that may be of interest to the Society community at large. Should you have questions on these projects, please follow the link after each Research Spotlight.



The Use of The Rothman Index To Predict Readmission Risk and Reduce Readmission Rates

Health systems continue to struggle with meaningful and consistent reduction in 30 day readmission rates.  The Rothman Society is in the midst of a multi-year, multi-institution study to determine if the Rothman Index (RI) can be used to both predict readmission risk, and be deployed as a practical tool to reduce readmission rates over time.  

To date, we have collected data on over 250,000 patient records and are close to completing our first phase of analysis, which has confirmed that the RI is more effective than existing tools in predicting risk of readmission. In our next phase of research, we will be testing a variety of further hypotheses, including a deeper understanding of whether or not specific changes in a patient’s RI trend, when compared to a “normative” RI trend for that patient’s specific diagnosis or procedure, can be predictive of 30 day readmission risk.  

To learn more about our work on readmissions and/or inquire about participation, click the button below. 


The Use Of The Rothman Index for The Earlier Identification And Treatment of Sepsis

Devastating, deadly, costly and notoriously difficult to address in an effective manner, sepsis is a universal challenge for health systems.  The Society has been studying the use of the Rothman Index for the earlier identification and treatment of sepsis. Our first phase of research on the topic was published in the Journal of Critical Care and focused on sepsis-associated deterioration, with very positive results.  

Our next phase of work is focused on testing our sepsis model in a live environment at a number of hospital locations. This exciting work continues to unfold, and it is likely we will be recruiting participants for additional phases of testing and discovery.

To learn more about our work on sepsis, and/or inquire about participation, click the button below.

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