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About The Rothman Society

Our History


The story of the Rothman Society for Innovation and Research begins with story of Florence Rothman, the mother of Michael and Steven Rothman.  At the heart of her story is the commitment of her sons to turning loss into a passion for improving patient care. 

Florence was diagnosed with aortic stenosis, a narrowing of the exit of the heart’s left ventricle. A low-risk surgery promised to improve her quality of life.  After the procedure, she seemed to be recovering well and was looking forward to going home. However, during the course of her stay, she underwent a slow, steady decline that was not detected until her condition became critical.

Those trends were present in the EHR data, but buried in the vast expanse of the electronic medical record.  Because the indicators that could have prevented her death were too subtle to attract attention, the hospital treated her primary symptom and discharged her.

Unfortunately, four days after discharge, she collapsed and died in the ER from a relatively common, treatable complication that had gone unnoticed and undiagnosed.

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It’s critical to note that Florence did not die from a lack of effort. The hospital was a top facility with skilled clinicians. They simply lacked a utility that let them see trends in patient health over time.

Florence’s sons, Michael and Steven Rothman, an engineer and a scientist skilled in data analysis, were inspired to give a voice to the EHR, to use existing data to improve healthcare, to create meaning from loss. They devoted their time to finding a preventative solution: the Rothman Index, a statistically validated patient acuity score across all diseases and conditions. The acuity score represents a patient’s condition in real time, and can be trended and visualized, warning clinicians of deterioration before it becomes critical. 

Upon the commercial introduction of the Rothman Index under PeraHealth, the brothers, led by Michael Rothman, remained committed to the rigorous scientific and research exploration behind the Index.  This led to the creation of the Rothman Society: the research and development arm of PeraHealth, where the legacy of Florence Rothman continues to be honored through original research, scientific inquiry, and constant expansion of the use of the Rothman Index to transform patient care.


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The Rothman Index


The Rothman Index (RI) is at the forefront of predictive analytics in healthcare. The RI is the only general measure of patient condition, and is integral to an array of effective predictive analytics in healthcare. It leverages the investment hospitals have made in electronic health records (EHRs), utilizing existing, real-time data to quantify and visualize patient acuity and risk.

The RI is based on a heuristic model that uses a range of physiological measures, including labs, vitals, and most importantly nursing assessments. The model transforms each input into a common representation of univariate risk, allowing heterogeneous data to be summed, solving the data fusion problem. The result is a continuous measure of patient condition, integrated into the EHR, computed on a real-time basis across all conditions, diseases and care settings.

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Brown University
ScB and ScM in Chemistry
University of Michigan
PhD in Chemistry

Michael Rothman is the Chief Science Officer for the Rothman Society. His career began at IBM's general technology division, after he earned his PhD in quantum chemistry. At IBM he worked in optimization, mathematical modeling and data analysis; work that led to a doubling of memory chip yields for mainframes. Michael also spent time at IBM’s T. J. Watson research labs, in the AI department, engaged in research in machine learning.

In 2000, he founded Michael Rothman & Associates to focus on data analysis and product development through consulting, patent filing and joint ventures. Projects have included developing a system generating customized discharge forms for hospitals, helping determine cash flow and profitability for a pharmaceutical company’s newly introduced drugs.

Michael Rothman developed the Rothman Index algorithm with his brother, Steven, in response to the avoidable death of his mother, Florence Rothman. He is now dedicated to discovering new ways to implement the RI across healthcare to save lives and change the economics of care delivery.


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